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Bodegas Nexus proposes an unforgettable plan for wine lovers and enthusiasts. A wine experience in a privileged environment, in the heart of the D.O. Ribera del Duero. A plan that includes a visit to the winery, accommodation in a luxury hotel in Valladolid and tasting of great wines.

Nexus Winery DO Ribera de Duero

A very appealing plan that starts with the arrival in Valladolid. If you go by AVE from Madrid, it takes just over an hour. The first stop of this enotouristic experience happens when you arrive at the hotel belonging to the owners of the winery.

Nexus Valladolid Suites & Hotel

A boutique hotel in which the culture of wine can be breathed, from the decoration to the bottles present in different areas. It is a 4-star hotel in the heart of the city.

It is near the most famous landmarks of Valladolid and opposite the Church of Santa Maria la Antigua. In fact the view from the room window is beautiful. 

You are in the capital of pinchos and wine, walk to the Plaza and enter one of the typical restaurants and have a pincho and a wine. For dinner there is a lot on offer, you can choose a rustic plan and eat at the Vino Tinto restaurant, or a more sophisticated plan and go to eat at the 1 Michelin star Trigo restaurant.

Arrival at Nexus Winery

The next day the staff of the winery will pick you up at the hotel and take you to the facilities of Nexus Winery located in Pesquera del Duero, Valladolid.

The Wine Tourism Xperience starts at Nexus Valladolid Suites & Hotel and ends at Nexus Winery.

The winery is an avant-garde building of pure lines, designed with great care and equipped with the latest technologies by the owners of the winery, Camino Pardo and Ulpiano González. 

Both Castilians have always lived the culture of wine by family tradition. They have a winery in Toro, Frontaura and in 1999 they decided to make wine in Ribera del Duero and built Nexus.

The property has a total of 40 hectares of grape variety Tempranillo distributed in 5 plots. Each one of them has a unique soil and orientation that brings its own qualities to the wine.

Japanese Garden Wineries Nexus

If the winery stands out for its pure lines, romanticism and harmony are present in a delicate Japanese garden that maintains the aesthetics of the millenary Japanese gardens but with plants that are native to the area.

Tour of Nexus Winery

Inside the winery, we start the tour of the first room, the Grape Reception. There they show us a 45-degree sloping hopper they have designed themselves, dug into the ground, where they unload the grapes directly from the trailers. They save time and most importantly, manipulation of the grapes.

The characteristic grape of the D.O. Ribera del Duero is the Tempranillo, also known in the area as Tinta del País or Tinto Fino.

We continue the tour passing through the different rooms where each of the processes is explained in detail, such as the Fermentation Room where the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation takes place.

Then we go to the Cellar. An area where the French Allier oak barrels rest and where the wine sleeps until it is ready to be bottled.

We arrive later at the bottling, labelling and storage area. From that area they prepare the bottles to go out to more than 25 countries where they export the wine of Nexus Winery.

In Nexus wines the fruit is the main character. They are fine and elegant wines,

A route that has been explained to us by Camino with the same passion that she puts into every bottle of wine that leaves his cellar.

Wine tasting at Nexus Winery

The visit ends with an extensive tasting session in which wines from the two wineries Nexus and Frontaura are tasted. On the one hand, the wines from the D.O. Ribera del Duero from Nexus winery, and on the other hand, wines from the D.O. Toro. In addition, a white for aging wine made from Verdejo grapes from Rueda DO.

In short, three denominations of origin in a tasting in which we have tasted great wines all from Castilla y León, accompanied by quality cold meats from the area.

It is one of the few Spanish wineries that produces Kosher wine, the only wine enjoyed by the Orthodox Jews, which we have also tasted. 

Main Nexus wines

Although we have tasted wines from both wineries, as we are in Nexus I am going to focus on them. I will visit Frontaura and tell you about them in detail.

Nexus One

This is the youngest. 100% Tempranillo. An easy-drinking red with good intensity and freshness. With floral touches followed by subtle aromas of red fruit. The entrance in mouth is an explosion of red fruit and a very delicate wood that makes it more complex but light. It is pleasant, silky and balanced.

Aging: 9 months in French Allier oak barrels | Approximate retail price: 12,00 €

Nexus Crianza

A very intense wine on the nose, with fresh, balsamic aromas, with notes of slightly ripe fruit. Made entirely from Tempranillo grapes, it has aromas reminiscent of vanilla and liquorice. The entrance in the mouth is remarkable accompanied by red fruit.

Ageing: 12 months in French Allier oak barrels | Approximate retail price: 19,50 €

Nexus + 

This is Nexus Winery‘s most exclusive wine. A Ribera del Duero that represents the splendor of the area, winds, clay soils and permanent sun. Sensual, attractive, energetic and very fine red colour. Sweet and fruity aromas. A wine with power and structure.

Ageing: 18 months in French Allier oak barrels | Approximate retail price: 38,00 €


Pisarrosas is earth, sun and life. From its altitude of 950 meters and limestone soil, poor is pure reflection of the courage and strength of the Tempranillo grape. Small, late-ripening bunches that retain all the intensity of the terroir. Aromas of flowers, figs and thyme harmonize with the freshness of the red fruits.

Ageing: 12 months in French Allier oak barrels | Approximate retail price: 20,00 €

Lamb Skewer, obligatory stop in Valladolid

The visit to the winery and the wine tasting usually takes about 3 hours. Lunchtime is approaching and you are in the land of the lamb (lechazo), specifically the lamb skewers. Do you know what they are? 

They are pieces of lamb inserted in some sables and made directly on the grill. I have tried them in several places, but I recommend you to go to Mesón Asador Carlos in Traspinedo (Valladolid), because they make the best lamb skewers in Ribera del Duero. It is essential to order the Tarta de Piñones for dessert.

An oenological plan that ends where it began, at the AVE after lunch and that you can do perfectly within 24 hours.

Nexus Winery, customize the plan to your needs. 

They are used to it and every weekend they organize plans totally adapted to the requests of the clients. Valentine‘s Day is coming up, it is a perfect plan to enjoy with your partner... there you go.


Address: Carretera de Pesquera de Duero a Renedo, s/n. Pesquera de Duero. Valladolid

Telephone: 983 880 488

Sección: Press Rom

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