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Wine and our Stars: Carlos Castrejón, founder of TomeVinos

Wine and our Stars: Carlos Castrejón, founder of TomeVinos

On this occasion we interview Carlos Castrejón, founder of TomeVinos, wine shops. The project was born in 2009 with their first store in the town of Torrelodones in Madrid. TomeVinos currently has 10 locations spread throughout the city of Madrid and a very efficient online store.

The world of TomeVinos revolves around CUSTOMER SERVICE (in capital letters). An exquisite selection of wine, dedicated and qualified staff, and continuous activities surrounding the wine culture.


CARLOS, what makes TomeVinos different from other wine shops?

I think simplicity is something that defines us. From the beginning we knew that we had to create the shop as the ideal place where we would like to buy. At that time, wine shops were quite intimidating.

At TomeVinos we seek to bring wine closer to the consumer. We want to broaden their horizons and enthusiasm. An attractive and modern offer seasoned with continuous novelties from wineries of all types and sizes. And we are very focused on personalized attention. Our staff strives to make the perfect recommendation. We speak a simple language and tell stories and anecdotes about each bottle. The act of buying wine becomes a genuine experience.


Has the sale of wine online changed a lot since year 2009 when you began?

In 2009 in Spain there were few operators and almost all small sized. The offer was more homogeneous and the customer was virtually only looking for well-known brands at the best price.

In recent years we have witnessed an explosion of the online business. From time to time a new marketplace emerges and we see large operators participated by investment funds with colossal budgets in advertising. The offer is now much more interesting and varied and the client also seeks advice on the web.

We were among the first to offer a personal sommelier service on the web. And our web tries to humanize the shopping experience through menus depending on the occasion or the gastronomy which are quite original.

           What is the biggest challenge a wine store faces today?

The biggest challenge for anyone who is in the wine business in Spain, not only a shop, is to attract the younger generations. Spanish millennials do not show much interest in wine. They see it as something distant and difficult to understand, an interesting drink but with which they have hardly had any contact.

Without a doubt, to engage the future generations back to the magic of wine and its pairing with gastronomy, so fashionable, is the pending subject. Spanish wines have a magnificent quality and a more than reasonable price. The product is there, you just have to put it in the spotlight.

Could you describe with one word what Nexus & Frontaura wines evoke to you? And in one sentence?

The word for Nexus & Frontaura wines would be REFINED. Elegant wines. Round. Expressive. Silky.

As a sentence, I propose an example with one of your wines: A great wine is a work of art that you can drink. Frontaura’s Aponte should be considered national heritage

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