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November 2018

LOOKING BACK, one realizes that another year has gone by, another cycle of nature, so much sun, heat. Life gives us a harvest I would describe as "HAPPY". Everything flows: the vines, the fruit, the el professional team who accompanies us on this road full of details in which we feel the stars of a new creation.

It’s said that wine is art, a concert in which harmony depends on every detail: the vineyards as instruments that are tuned to a keynote to interpret the campaign that ends with the 2018 vintage represented by our human team under the baton of tradition, wisdom, intuition and technique. The symphony will end when you try the harvest now in process.

Sometimes I do not remember how my life was before, without the "wine" family, without the people who share this project, without the beauty of the vineyards, without the confidence of the clients ... I call it BEAUTY. We love what we do, we return to our origins each year: to our unique little story in Pesquera de Duero.

Our 2018 story depicts a very short vegetative cycle of the vineyard in Ribera del Duero. After the last years of severe drought, the Winter rain came followed by a cold and rainy Spring. So the sprouting took its time, and we have enjoyed a long harvest.

In August, the grape had not finished growing, and then the heat arrived, and with it the beauty of the maturity. A warm September allowed the grape to reach the point of optimum maturity to the sound of a careful work in the field to achieve homogeneous maturation.     With all this we reached the end of September with the grapes in optimum condition for harvesting. We started with the oldest vineyards. The collection was made in boxes of 15 kilos that were kept overnight in cold rooms and then went through the selection table. We speak of a total of 40,000 kilos of grape of unbeatable quality from the vineyards that we control in Quemada. We fermented it spontaneously in two tanks of small volume, where they also macerated, and a few days ago they have been moved to the new French oak barrels where we do battonage and where the malolactic fermentation will take place.     Then our dry-farmed lots, located in Pesquera de Duero and Piñel, were harvested. As we already knew, the quality is spectacular and it has allowed us to elaborate with them an immense range of gorgeous wines. Depending on the field from which they belong we find whole-bodied wines, or lighter ones, some that feel like pure grape made into wine, some that speak more of the soil through their mineral aromas, others completely floral ... In short, a great harvest to make wines of excellent quality. They are already created and are fully undergoing the malolactic fermentation. They will evolve following the rhythm of traceability: aging in French oak barrels accompanied by the passage of time and silence. The musical piece will be finished just before the bottling, when we do the assembly of these wines, and the melody will be released by everyone who uncorks this music for the senses.   There has been more. When we finished harvesting our plots from Pesquera and Piñel, we made a one-day break to clean the cellar thoroughly in order to prepare it to receive the grape of the blessing, with which we have made our KOSHER wine. Tradition and respect, this is the meaning of Kosher, with the rabbis in Nexus and their approval to our facilities. The production of our plot EL BUEY, one of our vineyards in Piñel, is already Kosher 2018. The grape went directly to the deposit, without the addition of absolutely any product. We ferment it at low temperature in order to preserve all the aromas and, now, it is undergoing the malolactic fermentation. You should smell this wine ... it is grape coming out of the glass.   We have ended the harvest with the grapes from the 40-year-old vineyards that we control in Quemada. A significant amount of kilos of carefully selected grape with which we have elaborated our crianza wines. It has been the town’s feast: so much excitement around these wines. After the spontaneous fermentation they kept macerating with their skins for almost 10 more days in order to obtain complexity and that is just the result. In these wines, although still going through the malolactic fermentation, we already appreciate that unique character that will enable them to endure a long aging in new French oak barrels. In fact, rather than endure, they will improve and become almost lyrical after that aging.     I have not forgotten. One of the things that define the old vineyards is that there are different varieties and clones, all together, that‘s how it was done in the past. And one of the varieties that flourishes in these vineyards is the white and autochthonous variety of the Ribera del Duero ALBILLO. So, this year we decided to do something different with these grapes so we put them in the sun, lying on the ground, and we kept them there until they had lost 8% of their volume. This happened after 12 days of being in the sun. At that point we then transformed them according to tradition in the winery: we waited for the alcoholic fermentation to begin and, when there was only one third left to completion, we fortified the wine with vinous alcohol. The result is a sweet wine, I would say the first sweet wine from CENTURY-OLD vines of ALBILLO, with a very pale yellow color, a very floral root and a warm, dense mouth, very harmonious and with hints of nuts and white flowers.   You will try it ... it is in process yet. I promise our delight will be contagious.

Camino Pardo

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