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Water is always good for the fields. Although it never rains or snows to everyone‘s taste, the truth is that the precipitations fallen in recent days are more than welcome, especially after a year of great drought, as it has been 2017.

The snow has given us winter images worthy to remember. But above all, it has given us really needed water resources.

Right now, the vine is in a state of dormant period, this means that it’s in a kind of stagnation and the sap doesn’t not circulate inside it. During this time, winter pruning is carried out, but also other works are done to maintain the trellis and crush the pruning remains.

Why is snow so welcome? In one hand, the water provided to the soil will help the correct development of the new vegetative cycle and, in the other hand, the absorption is done slowly than if it were raining. The snow remains on the surface of the ground and it gradually dissolves, so that the soil is soaked little by little and filter the humidity.

In plots with slopes is better the snow than rainfalls, because when it rains in a hillside area, a stream is generated and the vines that are planted in the upper part of it receive less water than those planted in the lower part.

Even if it’s a sharply sloped, the water could be retained and cover the soil. This particularity also generates later differences during bunches ripening.

Snow, like ice, acts as a disinfectant since it helps to eliminate fungi and bacteria that live in the bark of plants and on the ground. After the pruning, the snow also helps that the ‘wounds‘ or cuts heal before.

Finally, it is vital to remember that during the 2017 harvest in the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero much of the harvest was lost due to the frosts registered at the end of April and at the beginning of May, a characteristic of our climate. However, if it snows, sprouting is usually later and, therefore, the damage would be less.

Without a doubt, rain or snow, the truth is that any type of precipitation is important for the development of the fields. Water is a great gift of nature that we have the obligation to take care of and not waste.

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