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Every Christmas we taste stories, our stories, those of our families. We taste the affection, the surprises, the emotions that move us, we remember those that we lack, we enjoy all those magical moments around a table of that last in our memory.

NEXUS & FRONTAURA wants to accompany you in that moments of magic, in order that you can taste our history and it surprise you, excite you, move you and make you enjoy these bonds of fraternity, in which not only table and tablecloth is shared but that are part of our life.

We propose you what is ours so that you can enjoy yours: vineyard, soil, sun, cold, time and silence, wrapped with the ribbon of a sensory journey that only wine ensures.

Our range of emotions adapts to the whole family: For the young and for those who are not so, novices and authentic wine-lovers. Select the wine for your Christmas story and enjoy with yours.

Nexus Kosher

For its youth, fruity charge, freshness is a perfect wine for those who are starting to drink wine. The fruit notes come out, it’s a fresh and nice wine. Perhaps, the fact of having the Kosher certificate seems a little contradictory to drink at this moment, but the truth is that we consider it as any other wine from the cellar. It is our youngest and easy-drinkable wine.

Nexus One

A great gift for the really ‘fans‘ of the Ribera del Duero, as it comes from the plots closest to the winery, located in Pesquera de Duero. A wine for enjoyment. Do you have to make a gift from the ‘invisible friend’? With Nexus One you will get it right for sure! The notes of toast from barrel aging are perfectly integrated with Tempranillo grape fruit. A very versatile wine.

Nexus Crianza

If the person to whom you must make the gift is not a wine drinker, but when he goes out to have some tapas or dinner, is the one that likes to drink a fancy wine, this is the best choice. Due to the origin of the grapes, very old vines, and after 12 months of barrel aging Nexus Crianza presents more complexity than the previous ones; so we recommend it to those who are used to drink wine. In addition, it is a very gastronomic Ribera del Duero, it perfectly pairs to pasta dishes, to fish in sauce, sausages and roasted meats.

Nexus Plus

With this elegant, complex and structured wine is with which you will leave your brother-in-law astounded. The aromas of black fruits, are integrated with the balsamic and toasted notes, derived from its 18 months of aging in French oak barrels. It is a small production, around 5,000 bottles, and presents a very elegant image, ideal for gifts.

In Nexus & Frontaura we have elaborations for each person, for each moment. In this list we also want to include a white wine, Frontaura Verdejo, perfect, for example, for those who enjoy cheeses, seafood, rice, fish or vegetables. Its color shouldn’t make you confuse, we run away from a fresh white to find a great white to keep a long maturation, similar in structure to Nexus Crianza.

If you still cannot decide, you can also check the different packs available in the on-line shop. Happy Xtmas!

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