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The vineyards from  some of the main Appellations of Castilla y León, have been badly affected by frost damage at the end of April. Especially in Ribera del Duero.

In the region of Ribera del Duero, we are experiencing  uncertain times. A lot of plots have been affected by this intense frost.

This kind of frosts known as “Late Frosts” can have a very important impact on the delicate and young buds sprouting on vines.

This time, there is very significant impact because the life cycle of the grape vines was very advanced due to the high earlier temperatures and  the scarcity of water.

The vine is starting its annual activity and this kind of frosts can undermine the crop substancially. Field work in the vineyards can mitigate the loss. One of them is to make the winter pruning as late as possible, another one is the “long pruning” or “Guyot”, this is about giving more buds in each vine shoot.

Unfortunately , the truth is that nature is unpredictable and all the job can be not always enough.

Ribera del Duero wines

Faced with this situation, we want to be positive and to look ahead. After reviewing the damages in the vineyards. At the end, it seems that  we are going to save the harvest, because only two of our five plots have been damaged. It was really important the cloudy and windy weather in the early hours of the next day to saved  it. Overlooking  the vineyards we have seen very localized damages.

Finally, looks like we  are going to finish May without another frost. From what we understand  that we are going to get amazing wines from this harvest.

Toro Wines.

Toro is our greatest joy. In this region it is all moving. This region offers us a wonderfull landscape of healthy vineyards.

At the moment, the major difficulties seem to be overcome, so it is time to work thinking in the next year and to know the importance of doing a good pruning for the next year.

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