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Early May our New York and New Jersey importer came to visit our NEXUS&FRONTAURA winery with a group of his top 10 clients. During these 2 days tour our visitors could discover both regions, Toro and Ribera del Duero.

The group had a tight schedule including experiences at the vineyard, vertical tastings of Toro and Ribera del Duero wines and an immersion of our location, weather conditions, soils, gastronomy and landscape.

The agenda organized together between winery and importer was really helpful for NEXUS&FRONTAURA. With their visit we could realize what good professional all our customers are. For a couple of days they put aside their habitual tasks to show us their commitment with our products, their competence on their market and their thirst for knowledge: our history, the winemaking processes, the “time and silence” our wines need,…  Their openness to share everything in order to increase sales stood out.









First of all we visited our vineyard PAGO DE VALDELACASA of 110ha, which amazed our visitors. José A. Seco, the person in charge of our vines informed us about altitude, weather conditions etc in that area. He showed them our weather station as well as the evolution of the Tempranillo vines there. They also learnt how poor apparently the soils in the area are: clay, little rain, … and they  showed a special interest for vintage controls and for the different vintage characteristics from the year 2004 on.

The group discovered the historical reasons of the area of Toro, as well as the high quality of Toro wines from Christopher Columbus on. The presence of these wines at the European Court as well as mentions of them in written documents from the Spanish Golden Age exceeded all expectations.

Once at the winery, our oenologist Juan Martín-Hinojal gave a Masterclass of all Frontaura wines present in the US market, as well as a vertical tasting from vintage 2004 to vintage 2009:




-          APONTE

They were impressed by our marked style: regular, high quality wines. They considered our wines are very representative of the area and the grape variety Tinta de Toro; they even stated “these wines display the excellence of Toro wines”

We finished the day enjoying the typical area gastronomy with our “Crianza”. Beans from Restaurant El Chivo were a great success too.






SECOND DAY: NEXUS EXPERIENCE in the Ribera del Duero.

In Pesquera del Duero we had a sunny and warm day. We visited the winery and tasted our wide range of Ribera del Duero wines. Our group was very interested about the consequences of those late frosts we were having at the moment. They asked about the possible jobs to perform at the vineyard to solve that inclemency, as well as expectations for vintage 2017.

The winery tour hits were respect to tradition and modern technology applied to the winemaking process of NEXUS wines:

-          Introduction to grape reception, harvest and simulation of gravity system.

-          Winery efficiency: cleanness, energetic and process efficiency. Production control through a system of double water flow in vats with controlled temperature.

-          Casks hall and traceability from the time the grapes arrive at the winery.

-          Tasting of wines which are still in cask. Our visitors could taste some of our wines directly from the casks. Of course these wines still need more aging time, however these professionals could vaguely see their possibilities. We tasted wines from different casks, different cooperages, different years and different toast profiles. We could appreciate the different evolution of grapes depending on each cask’s features. It was a unique experience!

-          We tasted “Crianza” and “Reserva” wines under Ribera del Duero:



They fell in love with our “Crianzas” and their favorite vintage was 2006. They highlighted the great potential of Ribera del Duero wines when they are made in search of excellence.

Afterwards we were having lunch at the winery. We enjoyed the typical Spanish meals of the area: ham, Spanish potato omelet and lamb skewer. They had never tasted our young lambs nor the delicacy of this meat prepared with the slow fire of vine shoots.

After lunch we added a Flamenco touch with the local band from Tudela de Duero “El Flamenquito de Kiko” to relax a little bit and finish the tour with a Taste of Spain.

Finally we have to mention that within our internalization process it is essential the visit to our premises in order to build customers loyalty on the different markets, push sales up and work together on our future strategy. The interrelation between the winery team and our salespeople is very useful to consolidate our philosophy of making high quality wines which respect the variety Tempranillo and our terroir.

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